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With this Monday’s celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, many folks around Bucks County are getting an extended weekend! We’ve put together a list of ways to take advantage of the long weekend, including a couple of opportunities to honor the holiday. 

Video Highlights Mom Getaways in Bucks County

Thursday, August 31, 2017 6:00 AM by Meredith Edlow

"Need a Getaway"

Being a parent can be stressful, especially if the kids are fighting.

In this second installment of Visit Bucks County’s fun video series with videographer and photographer Meredith Edlow, the mom fantasizes about a night out alone with her spouse to enjoy a romantic dinner at Marsha Brown Restaurant, a show at the Bucks County Playhouse and much-deserved drinks at Karla’s.

Captured by Instagram User @k_kirsch530"Well, not much to tell! I'm part of making other people's Bucks County experience a happy one. I work events at the vineyard. We always strive to make everyone's visit enjoyable. Just doing my duty (and snapping a quick photo of the gorgeous grounds after clocking out!)."


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