Bucks County
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Auditions for Other Desert Cities

Auditions are by appointment only on the dates listed below. Appointments can be scheduled by sending an e-mail to director Nancy Ridgeway at ridgeway.nar@gmail.com. Appointment requests should include the role you are auditioning for, your theatrical resume, and times that you are NOT available on April 21 and 22. Please send your headshot, if available. Your audition date and time will be confirmed by e-mail. Walk-ins are welcome, but audition appointments will be honored first. Walk-ins should not arrive earlier than 3:00PM on either audition day.

Auditions and Call backs will be held at the Buckingham Township Building Lower Level

Audition Requirements:
1. Prepare a 1-2 minute dramatic monologue showcasing your abilities.
2. In addition to your monologue, you will be asked to read sides from the show. Sides will be emailed to you prior to your audition. Printed sides will also be available during auditions. Sides do not have to be memorized.
3. Bring a photograph (the photo will not be returned), your theater resume, and a list of your conflicts from April 25th to June 14th.


Brooke Wyeth — Brooke is the central character. She is recently recovered from a clinical breakdown and hospitalization. She has written a tell-all memoir about her famous family, depicting her older brother, Henry’s death. She loves her family and doesn’t know if she can publish her book without their approval.

Lyman Wyeth - The head of the family, Lyman is a sturdy man and a strong believer in American traditions and values. Lyman used to be a movie actor but then turned to politics and became an ambassador of the Republican Party. He communicates through diplomacy. He is overprotective and worries for Brooke since her breakdown.

Polly Wyeth - Polly is Lyman’s wife and mother to Brooke and Trip. She is elegant, outspoken and very smart. She is also controlling, calculating, and observes people’s behavior. She has strong conservative views and is a believer in tough love, though members of the family feel that she is often harsh and makes people nervous. She is a realist and fiercely dedicated to her family’s survival.

Trip Wyeth - Trip is Brooke’s brother, roughly ten years her junior. He is a bright, funny man and is a TV producer. Caught in the middle between Brooke and his parents he wants to protect Brooke and believes she has the right to publish whatever she wants but also understands why their parents are pushing back.

Silda Grauman - Silda is Polly’s sister. She is a recovering alcoholic and is currently staying with Polly and Lyman. Silda stands up to her sister several times, pointing out how harsh she is. Silda has helped Brooke to write her memoir and provided her with more detail about Polly and Lyman. Silda encourages Brooke to publish her book in the face of Brooke’s doubts.

Auditions for Other Desert Cities