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Charleston Dance Workshop!

Join in the fun and learn the Charleston dance that is featured in the exhibition Charles Sheeler: Fashion, Photography, and Sculptural Form! A popular dance of the freer generation of the Roaring Twenties, and danced by both young women (flappers) and young men of the era, the Charleston involves fast- paced swinging of the legs and big arm movements.

Presented by Gretchen Fenston, Milliner and Condé Nast Archive Registrar, and Roddy Caravella, choreographer.

Gretchen Fenston had always been intrigued by the allure of hats worn by 1930s and 1940s movie stars, learning to craft her own whimsical designs. Fenston received her master’s degree in Museum Studies for Costume and Textiles from FIT and went on to win awards as a milliner. 

Roddy Caravella has been teaching and performing social jazz dances for the past 20 years. He trained under world-renowned dance greats such as Frankie Manning and Sandra Cameron, and his career has brought him all over the United States and abroad. Caravella has performed in TV specials with Tony Bennett, three seasons of a stage tour with Swing Dance America, the show “Swing on Ice” in Hong Kong, and Lincoln Center’s “Midsummer Night’s Swing”, to name a few.

Charleston Dance Workshop!