Bucks County
These Figurines Have Been a Christmas Tradition for More Than 35 Years

Best Group Tours For Fall and Winter

Though the days are shorter, fall and winter is the time Bucks County really shines. The untainted lands dazzle with natural beauty and the warm colored foliage lends crimson and gold accents to whatever you choose to do. Enjoy these seasonal sights and great group ideas in Bucks County. 

Bucks County Ale Trail

As the name may hint, this particular trail is best enjoyed with the company of good friends and family. Take a tour through the scenic roads of Bucks County to breweries and taverns, because beer makers here know how to celebrate the season better than anyone. Taking advantage of the fall flavors like pumpkin, nutmeg, cinnamon and vanilla, drinks like Jack’s Revenge Ale at McCoole’s Red Lion Brewery beckon you to onward to taste the rest of what the famed Ale Trail offers during autumn and winter.

Barn Voyage!

Central and Upper Bucks County boast a rural landscape that’s hard to beat. Part of its charm comes from the beautiful and varied barns that decorate the land. The Heritage Conservancy’s “Barn Voyage!” Tour provides a helpful bounty of content to make this self-guided driving tour as enjoyable and informative as possible, including routes to take, why a barn tour, and information on barns.

Byer’s Choice

This is Christmas-centric adventure is for all ages. These locations are open every day year-round at free admission, waiting to give to an inside glimpse at the famous figurines and the culture surrounding their creation. Take a stroll down a cobblestone winter street scene out of Dickens’ London and then enter the Christmas Museum, featuring displays of carolers and Christmas traditions from around the world.

Fonthill Castle

This location offers excitement in the form of a massive castle filled with history. Formerly owned by Henry Mercer, the castle has behind the scenes tours complete with permanent exhibits - a perfect refuge from the chilly weather!

Ghost Tours of New Hope

Surely the myths come from somewhere, right? Even after Halloween, the remaining fall and winter season serves as the perfect backdrop to immerse yourself in the world of Bucks County's ghostly folklore. Whether it’s the Inn at the Barley Sheaf or the Logan Inn, the legends of spectral encounters seem more alive than ever. Some are skeptical, others insist that there is truth to the stories, but the only way to find out for sure is to see for yourself.

James A. Michener Art Museum

There’s always something going on at the James A. Michener Museum, and the fall and winter are no exception. From a stained-glass workshop, to a Friday night jam band, it’s a place seemingly made for group activities.

Shady Brook Farm's Holiday Light Show

The folks at Shady Brook always have something going on to celebrate the seasons. One of the staples of the farm in the winter is the Holiday Light show, which features more than three million lights illuminating the farmland arranged to create all kinds of visual spectacles to feast your eyes on.

Bucks County Holiday TreeFest

At our very own Bucks County Visitor Center, we host our annual Bucks County Holiday Treefest. This event is free to residents and visitors from November 22 to January 4. It features uniquely themed trees and various entertainment.

Bucks County Wine Trail

Any list of tours in Bucks County is incomplete without mentioning Bucks County's wineries. With a number of vineyards spanning across the County and the ability to explore them in person with friends, this is an opportunity for the tour of a lifetime.