Bucks County


By Lynne Goldman
Bucks County Taste

Barbecue can be as commonplace as a backyard get-together, as in, "Do you want to come over for some barbecue? You can bring the beer." It's used in our part of the country interchangeably with "grilling." But it is also a proper noun: Barbecue, or BBQ. And it is a food group that engenders fierce loyalty, unblinking competitiveness and extreme food snobbery. "You call that barbecue? Here's where you should go instead."

I've heard that statement said with feeling all over America - in Kansas City, Memphis, St. Louis, Texas, North Carolina, and even, Bucks County. And while there is certainly some sweet, mouth-watering barbecue in other parts of this country, the smoker doesn't have to reside below the Mason-Dixon Line - or the cultural equivalent - to be good.

In my former life, I traveled a great deal for business. My one joy was finding authentic, just-in-this-town restaurants. I have sought out and partaken in a lot of "authentic" barbecue in the U.S. I have sucked, licked, crunched and slurped my way through many a BBQ joint, consuming ribs, brisket, chicken, pulled pork as well as a not-so-healthy amount of cornbread, beans, mac n'cheese, etc.

I guess I'm telling you this to prove my barbecue street cred. The truth is, we've got some great barbecue in Bucks County. To the detractors, I say "Pshaw!" If you want to deprive yourself, holding onto cherished memories of sucking ribs in Kansas, or wherever, fine. You're missing out on some good local "Q."

What follows is a list of barbecue restaurants, stands and food trucks in Bucks County. Mentioned are only places focusing solely on barbecue. There are many restaurants throughout the county that cook up some good brisket and fall-off-the-bone ribs, but that's for another time. If I've missed any of your favorites, give me a shout at info@buckscountytaste.com.

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