Bucks County
Bar at McCoole's

Soothing Soups & Sizzling Stews

Winter means cold, but the season also brings food that fills one with warmth. The hearty broth, the hefty touch, the intoxicating sight and that oh so satisfying sizzle meld seamlessly. Food has always had a way of bringing people together, and Bucks County is no different in its’ cuisine. As the cold weather settles into the area people have begun looking for ways to best keep warm, and “comfort” foods work to fill the bill. Spotlighted dishes, like Beef Stew and French Onion Soup come to mind, as do timeless classics like Sheppard’s Pie, and even Grilled Cheese with Tomato Soup.

There is little argument that Upper Bucks County can tantalize the mind with shopping and gastronomy alike. McCoole’s at the Historic Red Lion Inn in Quakertown satisfies even the most indecisive of winter eaters. The Red Lion Inn’s lineage goes all the way back to 1750, and now, the restaurant runs as a GMO-free institution. Known for their soups, comfort foods and daily specials, there’s something to feed even the pickiest of eaters and drinkers.  

Pennsylvania Soup and Seafood House, nestled along main street Doylestown, doesn’t just have soup, they are soup. The restaurant, who lives by their namesake, surprises many by not just having soup and seafood, but by providing a range of foods for all comfort and satiation needs. Whether it’s bone chilling cold, or warmer than the weatherman said it would be, it’s always perfect inside, and the soup will be there to warm the soul.  

When one finds themselves in Lower Bucks County they are in luck, getting the opportunity to stop in Newtown for a meal at Isaac Newton’s. The spot boasts a robust menu as well as a companion gluten-free menu for any palate to enjoy. If one prefers to warm up with a liquid elixir, Isaac Newton’s has them covered as well with a wide range of specialty cocktails and take away bottles.

With an average winter temperature of 33 degrees, the word, freezing, too often rolls off the tongue, but Bucks County has you covered. With plenty of places to share the warmth, everyone is welcome and there’s more than enough for all.