Bucks County


The scenic countryside of Bucks County is known for its spectacular fall foliage. But the cool autumn weather brings more than just the changing of the leaves, it also brings the arrival of apple picking season! 

Enjoy u-pick, family festivals, a scratch bakery, full service deli and homemade ice cream while you pick apples at Tabora Farm and Orchard! They also have animals, a huge sandbox and more than 200 freshly made items daily in their quaint 200-year-old barn! 

Located in New Hope, Solebury Orchards is known for their high quality fruit and picturesque country setting, and picking your own fruit is the perfect way to enjoy the scenery. Pick through apples of many different varieties. During weekends in September, October and the first weekend of November, there are wagon rides through the orchards to make your apple picking experience even better. 

Starting in September, the Fall Festival with Apple Picking lets you enjoy a hayride through the orchard to pick your own apples every Saturday and Sunday throughout the month at Shady Brook Farm. Stay for family fun with inflatable attractions, including the giant jumping pillows, gem mining, an all-new playground and a rope spider web for climbing. Apples are sold by the pound. 

To help you pick the perfect apple when you visit, the folks at Shady Brook Farm put together this guide:

Look for firm fruit without bruises or blemishes. Don't worry about the apple's coloring. That depends more on the variety of apple than whether it's ripe or not. A ripe apple will be crisp and firm. Roll the apple upward off the branch and give it a little twist, keeping the stem on to keep the apple fresher longer. Don't pull the apple straight away from the tree and don't shake the branches. If the apple you're after lands on the ground, just pick it up. It should be perfectly fine! Gently place, don't throw, fresh picked apples in bags or baskets to avoid bruising.

Different apples are better suited for different things. If you simply want to eat the apples try gala, honeycrisp, golden delicious, cortland, jonagold, cameo and Fuji. For making pies or apple sauce, try pairing different varieties with golden delicious, which have higher sugar content. Some of the best are cortland, honeycrisp, cameo and jonagold. 

When you get your harvest home, store your apples in a cool place where they should keep for a few weeks. Once they are picked, apples will stop ripening. Wash your fruit just before eating to avoid spoilage.