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Top Fall Brews 

It’s time to tap into the harvest ales! Pick up a case of these dark hops options for a tailgate or cozying up next to the fire. Here are the top fall & winter picks from the Bucks County Ale Trail...

Broken Goblet
Brewed just in time for Halloween, All Goblets Have Spirits is a scary good Scotch Ale brewed with maple syrup and fresh gala apples.

Bucks County Brewery

Pick the Pumpkin Ale if you’re in the mood for a super dry, very lightly spiced true pumpkin beer! There are lots of pumpkins in this one that’s served best in a cinnamon rimmed glass.

Doylestown Brewing Co.

Aged with cinnamon sticks, try their Cinn’ister Stout beer on the upper level of their tasting room called The Still. 

Free Will Brewing Company

It tastes the way a coffeehouse smells! Try the C.O.B. (coffee.oatmeal.brown), an Imperial English Brown Ale with roasted coffee that includes notes of caramel, brown sugar and toasty graham cracker.

Great Barn Farm to Glass Tap Room
Nova Espero English Old Ale
is an award-winning remake on a custom ale requested to be made by the Queen of England in 1852 for the crew on a ship completing a rescue mission in Canada.

Mad Princes Brewing

Grab a strong Scottish ale, the Bruce Wee – Enter the Flagon. A big, malty ale with a Kung Fu kick made from roasted barley to give it body and brown sugar that provides a dose of “molasses-y” goodness.                                                                                                                                                        

McCoole’s Red Lion Brewery

Slainte, Guinness lovers! Enjoy this Irish stout, the Cannonball Stout! It is dark, delicious and brewed inside McCoole’s Historic Red Lion Inn.

Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company
Their pumpkin wheat ale, Punkless Dunkel, is an imperial version of the brewery’s Dunks Ferry Dunkelweizen. Taste a mash of pumpkin pie spices, banana esters and spicy clove.

The Proper Brewing Company

Summer may be over, but the sweetness still remains with the Prop-er Cherry Stout. Rested on Ecuador cocoa nibs, this ripe brew is blended with chocolate cherry coffee.

Tower Hill Brewery 

It’s called Big Dipa and it comes with a punch! Warrior hops give the bittering flavor and Centennial hops give it its aroma and flavor.

Triumph Brewing Company
Bavarian beer lovers began celebrating the two-week long bash known as Oktoberfest in 1810 and still do today. Try Triumph’s version of Oktoberfest: a malty, amber, not-very-hoppy German lager.

Vault Brewing Company

Brewed with roasted sweet potatoes, cinnamon, vanilla and nutmeg and served on nitro, their Sweet Potato Ale truly is a liquid version of sweet potato pie.

Naked Brewing Co.

It’s not scary, baby, or posh...It’s Ginger’s Spice Wheat Beer, and it’s flavored with pumpkin pie spice and fresh ginger for the fall!

Moss Mill Brewing Company

Lucky for you, the brewery taps a new beer every Friday! Try their popular PA Brut, a play on the Brut IPA style taking over San Francisco. It’s a dry, light-bodied beer with a little bit of sweetness at the end.

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