Bucks County

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Exhibit Title: Bucks County On My Mind
Dates: January 14, 2018 - March 2, 2018
Location: Bucks County Visitor Center - Theater

About:  Ms. Rubin is a national award winning artist who has been shown in exhibitions and shows in Bucks County, Pennsylvania as well as in Boulder, Colorado; Lambertville, Stockton, Rosemont New Jersey; and Woodstock, Illinois.

She has painted murals, boots, purses, a line of women's and children’s clothing, furniture, walls and even a radiator and closet doors with motifs that range from folk art designs to landscapes. Basically, anything that can be painted is in serious consideration for painting. She is still painting ‘stuff’ but spends most of her time now painting the landscape and still life.

For Ms. Rubin, it’s a mesmerizing vista that captures her imagination, the dance of shadow and the bold and unabashed explosion of autumn color that makes her canvases sing. Capturing a landscape is, for Ms. Rubin, a permanent record of a beauty that is quickly shrinking due to development and environmental decay. A moment in time, forever preserved, even if the painting itself is an interpretation, will have her running for her brushes or pastels.

She graduated Philadelphia College of Textiles and Sciences with a major in Retail Management, a Textile Design Minor, and attended UCLA Writer's Extension Program in Los Angeles, CA. She also served as the Vice President of the New Hope Art League in New Hope, PA. Ms. Rubin is Co-Founder of Broads With Brushes, a group of local artists who show their art in local venues.

She has also written four novels: All are murder mysteries/psychological dramas: As The River Flows, which is set in New Hope, PA, and Reason To Kill. Both are published and available for purchase at Amazon.com or CreateSpace.com. Thicker Than Blood, and A Thousand Deaths are in the editing stage. Look for them soon. Ms. Rubin has also written a screenplay, as well as several children’s stories.

You can follow her events at her website.

SPOTLIGHT ON: Craig Hackett

Exhibit Title: Bucks County Artworks
Dates: February 10, 2018 - March 23, 2018
Location: Bucks County Visitor Center - Main Gallery 

The public is invited to attend “Bucks County Artworks,” an exhibit by Craig Hackett, watercolor artist. Craig was raised in Philadelphia and lived there until he joined the US Air Force. While serving most of his time in New York, Craig took advantage of an opportunity to attend evening sessions at Mitchell College of LIU, until his tour of duty took him to Iceland. 

In Iceland he was stationed at the southern tip of the Arctic Circle and the treacherous Denmark Straits. While there, he studied photography and gained a great appreciation for the varied expressions of violent weather, and the beautiful earth tones that dominate the scenery of that rugged island. These memories would one day enable him to feature these dramatic values in his paintings. 

In the mid 1970s Craig’s choice of medium was pastels and acrylics, producing a number of works for private collections. After two or three years the urge to paint with watercolors became irresistible and he promptly became addicted after his initial attempt. For the last three decades, Craig’s passion has been focused on painting watercolors. His distinct style incorporates bold color and contrast, which evokes a sense of energy and drama, while offering the viewer a feeling of familiarity. His love of gardening is evident in the whimsical landscaping found in many of his commissioned works. His work features historic structures, farmscapes and landscapes to name just a few.   
Craig can be contacted through his website, e-mail (panetor@gmail.com, panetor@comcast.com) or by telephone at 267-808-6430.