Bucks County

Meet our Local Artists

SPOTLIGHT ON: Sandy Coblentz and Mary Louise Baum

Exhibit Title: Watercolorists
Dates: March 11 - April 27, 2018
Location: Bucks County Visitor Center - Theater

You are invited to attend the watercolor art exhibit of Sandy Coblentz and Mary Louise Baum. Both are active in the Bensalem Senior Citizen's Association, where they continue to enjoy watercolor painting.

Sandy Coblentz is retired and has found painting to be a great and relaxing hobby. Over the years she has read about famous artists which has inspired her to do more painting.  She enjoys using bold, bright colors in her work.

Mary Louise Baum's inspiration to paint began with Bensalem Senior Citizen's Association watercolor painting classes. Drawing and painting has always been part of her life, and Mary was provided with the opportunity to nurture her talent with BSCA. She has also studied art therapy and worked as an art teacher for special needs students.

All of Sandy and Mary's artwork is for sale. Please call 215-244-6505 to arrange purchases for both artists.

SPOTLIGHT ON: Artists of Morrisville

Dates: April 2 - April 30, 2018
Location: Bucks County Visitor Center - Main Gallery

Besides being steeped in history, Morrisville, Pennsylvania is rich in beauty and culture, which has spawned the Artists of Morrisville, an arts group founded in 2016. Artists of Morrisville presents a diverse collection of artwork from landscapes to abstracts. Their mission is "to expand the opportunities for local artists, to promote artistic and cultural endeavors of all types through exhibitions, performances, education and advocacy, and to enrich the community in which we live." All artwork is for sale. For more information, please visit their website.