Bucks County

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SPOTLIGHT ON: Joanna Krasnansky

"Where words fail, art speaks"

Exhibit Title: Watercolors of Bucks County
Dates: November 19, 2017 - January 5, 2018

About: Joanna Kranansky is a Bucks County artist whose studio and gallery are in her home in Bensalem, Pennsylvania. Her exhibitions include both original watercolors and limited edition reproductions. Joanna's love of detail and color is evident in her rendering of architectural subjects. She has a fascination and interest in historical buildings, barns and covered bridges, making Bucks County the perfect subject.

As a professional artist for more than 35 years, she exhibits her artwork during the late spring, summer and early fall season, allowing her to paint full time during the winter. She conducts workshops teaching the techniques of watercolor media, exhibits in galleries, art competitions, public exhibitions and one "woman" shows. Although her watercolors are predominantly for the public, she has accepted limited commissions for both corporate businesses and individuals. 


VBC: “Tell us a little about your exhibit.”
JOANNA: “The Delaware Valley, particularly Bucks County, inspires me. I'm sensitive to color and appreciative of the history that is found in small towns and back roads. 

VBC: “Tell us a little about you, your life and your experiences.”
JOANNA: “I can't remember a time in the last 50 years of my life that I wasn't doing some kind of art. It isn't a career or job, it is part of me."

VBC: “What is your favorite place in Bucks County?”
JOANNA:Washington Crossing, specifically the Thompson-Neely House and property with the canal and towpath behind the location."