Bucks County
Sellersville Theater



Think you know all about Bucks County's musical history? Test yourself or your friends with the questions and answers below:

1. Arguably the most famous living Bucks County native, Alecia Moore is better known by what stage name?
Alecia Moore, known to the world as P!nk, grew up in Doylestown and attended Central Bucks High School West. Moore is one of many celebrities, athletes, writers and artists who have called Bucks County home during their lifetimes.

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2. What live music venue was originally built as a stable in 1894? 
The Sellersville Theatre was built in 1894, originally as a large brick and stone stable. In 1950, the building was converted into a movie theater, changing hands several times before being reborn as a live music venue that seats more than 300.

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3. What 1961 hit song by the Dovells was originally written about a Bucks County borough?
In 1961, the Dovells released the Bristol Stomp, a song about kids rockin' and rollin' in Bristol, PA. Originally written for a local group called Terry and the Applejacks, the Dovells version reached #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart in 1961, selling more than 1 million copies.

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