Bucks County
Water at Core Creek Park



Think you know all about Bucks County's great outdoors? Test yourself or your friends with the questions and answers below:

1. How many county-owned parks are in Bucks County?
Bucks County is home to 10 county-owned parks: Core Creek, Dark Hollow, Lake Towhee, Peace Valley, Playwicki, Ringing Rocks, Silver Lake, Tinicum, Tohickon Valley and the Bucks County Horse Park.

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2. Which nature center features "living history" demonstrations throughout the summer about the Lenape Indians who used to inhabit the area?
Visitors to the Churchville Nature Center can experience pre-colonial life at the Lenape Indian Village, a living history exhibit on the park grounds.

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3. How many miles of trails go through Silver Lake Park?
Silver Lake Park has 4.5 miles of trail through the best-protected Coastal Plain Forest in the state. It covers 460 acres and is the terminus of the Mill Creek, Queen Anne Creek, and the Black Ditch Creek Watershed. 

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