Bucks County
Washington addressing the troops



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We all know George Washington crossed the Delaware River on Christmas Day, 1776, but what other future president actually led troops across the river first?
Lieutenant James Monroe, who would become the fifth president of the United States, led a unit of 57 men across the river at Coryell's Ferry (modern day New Hope). The unit met with Washington's troops in Trenton where they joined to attack the Hessian soldiers. Each year Monroe's crossing is re-enacted by the Coryell's Ferry Militia.

The Black Bass Hotel has a room named for what former president?
The Grover Cleveland Room at the Black Bass Hotel was a favorite of the future president when he was serving as governor of New York. Many furnishings, including the bed, are the very same that President Cleveland used during his stays. Cleveland was not the first president to visit the Hotel. George Washington also sought a room at the Black Bass while serving as general. However the Hotel's owner at the time was loyal to the British crown and turned the founding father away.

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President John Quincy Adams was among the many dignitaries that were entertained at which Bucks County mansion?
Andalusia played host to many dignitaries, President John Quincy Adams, Daniel Webster, the Marquis de Lafayette and Spanish king Joseph Bonaparte among them, after being built by Nicholas Biddle in 1795.

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