Bucks County
Aerial video of Cabin Run Covered Bridge



Think you know all there is to know about Bucks County's Covered Bridges? Test yourself or your friends with the questions and answers below:

1. How many covered bridges remain in Bucks County, and can you name them?
There are 12 remaining covered bridges and one boxed pony bridge. The bridges are: Cabin Run, Erwinna, Frankenfield, Knecht's, Loux, Mood's, Pine Valley, Schofield Ford, Sheard's, South Perkasie, Uhlerstown, Van Sandt (also known as Van Sant) and the Mean's Ford Boxed Pony Bridge. The Covered Bridge Tour page in the Planning Ideas section of the website features a brief history of four of the bridges as well as the date built, location, GPS coordinates and length for all 12 covered bridges. 

2. Of the 12 remaining covered bridges, how many of them are open to vehicular traffic?
Ten of Bucks County's historic structures are still open to vehicular traffic. Full turn-by-turn driving directions to all bridges are available on our website. These directions were recently updated to reflect changing traffic patterns near Uhlerstown Covered Bridge. Uhlerstown Hill Road, on which the bridge is located, closes during the winter months, re-opening on or around April 1 as a one-way street going uphill.

3. Which two covered bridges are no longer open to vehicular traffic?
South Perkasie Covered Bridge is now located in Lenape Park in Perkasie and Schofield Ford Covered Bridge is located in Tyler State Park. Both bridges are accessible to pedestrians, and Schofield Ford is also open to horses.

4. Which three bridges were built in the same year, making them the oldest of the 12 remaining covered bridges in the county? Hint: They were built in 1832.
• The covered bridge in Lenape Park in Perkasie, known as the South Perkasie Covered Bridge, is the oldest remaining bridge. It was built in 1832 and moved in 1958. The bridge was rededicated in 2008.
• Erwinna Covered Bridge across the Lodi Creek
• Uhlerstown Covered Bridge in Tinicum Township

5. Which is the only remaining bridge across the Delaware Canal?
Uhlerstown Covered Bridge

6. What two remaining bridges are actually replicas of the originals that stood in their place?
Mood's Covered Bridge near Perkasie was damaged by a fire and is a full replica. Schofield Ford Bridge in Tyler State Park is also a replica bridge after the original was destroyed by a fire in 1991.

For detailed information on each bridge, check out their listings.