Bucks County
Sand Castle Winery



1. How many wineries make up the Bucks County Wine Trail? 
The following nine wineries make up the Bucks County Wine Trail: Buckingham Valley Vineyards, Crossing Vineyards, New Hope Winery, Peace Valley Winery, Rose Bank Winery, Rushland Ridge Vineyards, Sand Castle Winery, Unami Ridge Winery and Wycombe Vineyards.

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2. Which winery prides itself on eco-friendly practices? 
Crossing Vineyards and Winery is at the forefront of "green" practices with the use of solar panels to power the vineyards, composting to cut down on natural waste and the use of a geothermal heating and cooling system. Crossing Vineyards passes this same attitude on to its customers with the use of recycled, reusable bags for all purchases.

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3. Which Bucks County Winery was built to be a replica of a castle from Czechoslovakia?
Sand Castle Winery

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