Bucks County
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Think you know everything there is to know about Bucks County's state parks? Test yourself or your friends with the questions and answers below:

1. Name the five Pennsylvania state parks and one state historic park in Bucks County:
The five state parks in Bucks County are the Delaware Canal, Neshaminy, Nockamixon, Ralph Stover and Tyler. Washington Crossing Historic Park is also owned by the state.

2. The Delaware Canal State Park includes the entire Delaware Canal towpath. How long is the towpath?
The Delaware Canal towpath runs 60 miles from Easton in the north to Bristol in the south. It is the most intact example of early American canal building remaining in the country. The flat surface of the towpath makes it a popular destination for cyclers, runners and strollers.

3. Which state park features a nearby youth hostel?
Weisel Youth Hostel is located in Nockamixon State Park and is part of Hostelling International. The hostel has 18 beds, most set up dormitory-style, with one family room.

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