Bucks County
Fall 2018 Tourism Grant Winners


Our organization hereby makes application for a grant from the Visit Bucks County (VBC) Tourism Grant Program. We are a non-profit organization that is a Marketing Partner of the Bucks County Conference and Visitors Bureau. 

Applications must be received in our office by the close of business on April 1 and October 1. 

Postmarks are not acceptable. If the date falls on a weekend then the applications are due by close of business Monday. 

Applicant Info


Please attach the following information

If you are unable to attach the following documentation you can mail them to Visit Bucks County attention Paul Bencivengo.

Tell us about your program

Use this page to outline the details of the project or program. Explain how the project or program will promote tourism in Bucks County by attracting visitors from outside Bucks County. 

Benefit to Tourism in Bucks County

Explain anticipated visitorship, audience profile, market exposure, and benefit to the county’s tourism industry. Explain how you will market your attraction or event to visitors from outside Bucks County. 

Budget Documentation

Explain or provide a budget profile of the funds with which you propose to support our grant. Please include documentation. Indicate when you will need the grant funding.

Anything Else?

Please provide any other information about your application that you think the committee would find useful.

Final Steps

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