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Fall 2018 Tourism Grant Winners


Please fill out the below information and submit by 5:00pm on the deadline date.* Postmarks are not acceptable. If the date falls on a weekend, then the applications are due by close of business Monday.

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*Please note: the 2020 Spring Grant Program deadline is May 1.

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Please enter only numbers i.e. 670 or 9875

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Please outline the details of the project or program. Explain how the project or program will promote tourism in Bucks County by attracting visitors from outside Bucks County.

Benefit to Tourism in Bucks County

Explain anticipated visitorship, audience profile, market exposure and benefit to the County’s tourism industry. Explain how you will market your attraction or event to visitors from outside Bucks County.

Budget Documentation

Explain or provide a budget profile of the funds with which you propose to support the grant. Please include documentation. Indicate when you will need the grant funding and any additional anticipated funding for the project.

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I agree that all funds received from a successful tourism grant application will be used by my organization as proposed within twelve months of grant notification unless extended by the Bucks County Grant Committee.

I understand that grant funds will be disbursed after all grants are approved and will be at the discretion of the Bucks County Grant Committee. I agree to submit a closeout report by the end of my event.

My organization has insurance coverage and shall provide proof of this insurance to Visit Bucks County upon request. Additionally, if Visit Bucks County determines within its sole discretion that, it is in the best interests of Visit Bucks County to require that my organization cause the insurer to add the Visit Bucks County as an additional insured on the relevant policy, my organization shall comply with such a request.

My organization shall hold harmless Visit Bucks County and the County of Bucks, their staffs, marketing partners, and board of directors from any losses incurred as a result of any legal action brought in connection with the use of the tourism grant funds or in connection with any matter related to the tourism grant process.

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Questions? Contact Kelley Keeling, Visitor Experience and Partner Outreach Manager, at KelleyK@visitbuckscounty.com

or 215-639-0300.