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Captured by Instagram user @doug_hoch"For the past 10 years or so I have ventured to the beautiful Neshaminy State Park to witness the annual Civil War Reenactment extravaganza. The picturesque Bucks County Park, situated right alongside the Delaware River, with its open fields and bountiful trees, makes for an ideal backdrop for the spectators of the event to attempt to travel back in time to witness one of the major turning points

Captured by Instagram User @thesecondgleamI always tell everyone (proudly!) that I'm from Bucks County! I live in Morrisville & the canal towpath is one of my favorite places in the World. This shot was taken on the towpath behind the Delaware Canal service building (nearby the Yardley Boat Launch.) A goal of mine is to see the entire D&R towpath as soon as possible! I had actually never been to this spot where the lock is, because I

Lisa's #BucksCountyMoment: A View from New Hope

Sunday, April 12, 2015 10:18 AM

Captured by Instagram User <br> @_lisah

As an avid runner, I often encounter beautiful scenes, interesting people, and novelties, so I started bringing along my lightweight camera or iPhone for my longer, slower runs of 10 miles or more. The Delaware Canal Towpath is a favorite route for me here in my home town, and even though it is so familiar to me, I am still

Captured by Instagram User @Itzjustk8"I've always loved the history of the canal with family living up in Easton and growing up in Levittown. I like walking around Yardley and Washington's Crossing, this particular photo is from Washington's Crossing. I learned a few years ago that my great grandfather led the mules for his father's canal boat as a child. This fueled my interest in the canal; the natural beauty doesn't hurt. The