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Solve these Virtual Bucks County Jigsaw Puzzles

Monday, April 13, 2020 3:00 PM by Bucky

Does being at home have you missing some of your favorite Bucks County attractions? #ExploreinBucksCo with these new virtual puzzles.

Simply click one of the images below to start your puzzle digitally from your desktop. Drag and drop the pieces to complete the puzzle. Send to your friends and compete to see who can complete their puzzle first!

Easy *24 pieces*

Puzzle 2
Sesame Place

Puzzle 1
Bucks County

Fun for the whole family! Download and print-out our free crossword puzzle and word searches featuring Bucks County covered bridges, main streets, local breweries and more. Will you solve all five puzzles?

📜 History & Fun Facts Crossword Puzzle
Cross word puzzle

🏘️ Towns & Main Streets Word Search
T and M

Covered Bridges Word Search
Covered Bridge

🍺 Ale Trail Word Search
Ale Trail word search

🍭 Sweet Spots Trail Word Search
Sweet Spots

History & Fun

Bucks County is one of the most beautiful destinations on the East Coast, and there's nothing we love more than sharing that beauty with you. While you might not be able to be here in person, we hope you enjoy this collection of our favorite Bucks County images, and that it might bring a few moments of happy distraction to your day. See more beautiful Bucks County scenery on our Instagram. Give us

It’s fair to say this is not the entry I was planning on writing for Spring in Bucks County – I was thinking about hikes and road trips, Easter egg hunts and garden parties! But in the face of a pandemic, we all adjust. So now, as April begins, I am grateful to be safe at home with my family. And, if, like me, you are reading more these days than ever, we have recommendations for you!

Our region’s

Do you want to practice social distancing while still supporting your Bucks County community? Make a huge impact without leaving the couch. Shop local by shopping online. Below are different categories and examples of Bucks County small businesses that ship their products to your home.


Monkey's Uncle
Even though there is a hold on major league sports, that doesn't mean you