Bucks County

Posts from July 2014

Captured by Instagram User @Angflan"We live in Newtown, Bucks County and have been here about 6 years and had NEVER been to the Grange Fair before last August. My husband came home from work early on Friday of the fair and we headed over to check things out. We walked through the grounds, saw a magic show, and went on a few rides. To our surprise (and delight) we were there in time to see the "Parade of Tractors." Apparently it's

Captured by Instagram User @blondegirl1181"A friend of mine mentioned Van Sant Bridge was haunted and that at night you can hear a baby crying. He said some people refer to the bridge as "Cry Baby Bridge." One day we decided to go to Peddler's Village and New Hope, and then go check out the haunted bridge. We didn't hear any baby cries, but the road and bridge were so beautiful and peaceful. We also checked out gravity hill as well."