Bucks County

Posts from October 2014

Captured by Instagram user @DanielleZaritskyIt was a beautiful fall morning, crisp and cool but sunny. My husband, David, and I had planned out a day of adventure.[[endteaser]] But one cannot embark on an empty stomach, so our first stop was to Charcoal in Yardley, PA. They have the most amazing breakfasts! With full and happy bellies we headed up to the northern reaches of Bucks County to Ringing Rocks Park. We were like two kids - leaping

Image captured by Instragram user @Laurmowatt

"I grew up in Langhorne, PA and have always been a huge fan of the Bucks County area. When I was younger I would always venture up to New Hope or Rice's Flea Market and spend hours shopping or just walking around and taking in all of the beautifulness of the area. I currently live in Scranton, PA and miss the sights, smells, and sounds of Bucks County during any season, but especially during the