Bucks County


Author: Amanda Reiser

Amanda was born and raised in Bucks County and loves where she grew up in Langhorne/Newtown. She moved to Washington DC for a few years to complete her bachelors and then masters degree in sustainable tourism where she found her passion for the tourism industry. Following this passion, Amanda has worked in different areas of tourism from international consulting to travel research, to social media, and even as a national park restaurant server. Amanda loves to travel all around the world and has been to over 29 countries but still finds her hometown charming and exciting. Learning from her many unique experiences, Amanda recently began a travel blog "The Lovable Traveler" to look at how to be a more sustainable traveler. Amanda can't get enough of natural parks and spaces, tasty vegetarian food, impromptu photo shoots, and petting all the dogs she can. When Amanda isn't exploring a new hiking trail in a park, you can find her in a local coffee shop or watching a performance at the Newtown Theatre.   

The Newtown Theatre Completes Phase I of Renovating its Iconic History

by Amanda Reiser on April 4, 2022

The Newtown Theatre has been a staple in the Newtown community since its inception in the early 19 th century. An Iconic History In 1831, the Newtown Theatre, or “Newtown Hall” as it was referred to back then, was the host to town gatherings and served as a non-sectarian church for traveling ministers. By the 1850s, the Newtown Theatre was in full swing with entertainment offerings like concerts…

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Spend a Staycation in New Hope

by Amanda Reiser on September 17, 2020

New Hope is as charming as it is exciting. Visitors and locals alike flock to the quaint borough to discover the rich art and culture, delectable restaurants, and unique outdoor experiences. Even though New Hope is a small town, there sure is a lot to do! There are plenty of ways to mix and match what the town has to offer for an eventful day. Art and Culture In the heart of New Hope lies…

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5 Fun Farm Visits from Pigs to Alpacas

by Amanda Reiser on July 21, 2020

Something that I love about Bucks County is the versatility of activities. From breweries and wineries to covered bridge walks and boat rides - even farm visits! Growing up in Bucks County, farm experiences were a unique part of my childhood that I still appreciate and like to indulge in today. Visit Ross Mill Farm in Jamison and you’ll be greeted by friendly potbellied pigs venturing around the…

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Pick a Picnic! 6 Park & Restaurant Pairings for a Safe & Sunny Picnic in Lower Bucks

by Amanda Reiser on May 15, 2020

I love a good picnic in and around Langhorne There are so many scenic spots to enjoy an outdoor meal. To make things easy, I ordered takeout from local restaurants that were a less than 10 minute drive from the parks I visited. This kept the food fresh and allowed me to try food from unique local spots while exploring a variety of parks. All of the restaurants I looked at also cater to a variety…

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