Bucks County
Author: Brittany Brown

Brittany Brown was born and raised in Bucks County and currently resides with her husband in Sellersville, PA. Having lived in lower, central and upper Bucks, Brittany has fond memories and experiences from all over the county. She is a passionate volunteer with Pine2Pink as a social media ambassador and also volunteers as an event advertising assistant with the Heritage Conservancy.

In her spare time, Brittany enjoys kayaking down the Delaware River, playing disc golf at local parks, attending Zumba and other fitness classes at Cornerstone Clubs, competing in 5ks, going out for a meal with friends and shopping local. She is a Disney College Program Alumni and is an avid Disney fan and theme park junkie. She has a passion for photography and can be seen taking photos wherever she goes. Follow her along her many adventures on her Instagram @britt_around_town 

“Pardon me, are you Aaron Burr, sir?” Lin Manuel Miranda's earnest voice echoed in my head, as I walked up to the Aaron Burr House in New Hope.

According to history, after killing one of America’s Founding Fathers, Alexander Hamilton, in their famous duel back in 1804, Burr escaped to Bucks County to take shelter at a home that was previously owned by his close friends. This building is now a bed

Take Your Pick at The Hickory Stick

Saturday, June 20, 2020 11:00 AM by Brittany Brown

The Hickory Stick is a small family business based in an old German schoolhouse in Perkasie. It re-opened in 2019 under Laura & Tom Devlin’s ownership and is one of the newest additions to the Bucks County Sweet Spots Trail!

Originally, Laura was working for Dairy Queen when she lost her daughter, Mia’s, father. It always brought back a smile to her face seeing all the kids get ice cream at DQ.

Established back in 1682, Bucks County has gathered its share of ghostly residents and haunting stories over the last few centuries. The County is home to roaming spirits, haunted roads and unexplained phenomenon. Join me as I embark on a driving tour of more than 20 haunted locations throughout Bucks County!

Follow along - if you dare! While driving the entire length of stops will take you a good

One of the sweetest things about Bucks County are all of the treats that it has to offer. Spread throughout the County are dozens of local businesses who are waiting to provide you with the perfect remedies to quell your sweet tooth.

Last year, Visit Bucks County (VBC) launched the Bucks County Sweet Spots Trail, a list of places that sell sweets for you and your family and friends to turn it into

Take a Bite out of Bucks County Biscotti

Thursday, May 28, 2020 2:00 PM by Brittany Brown

Biscotti has always been a long-held delectable tradition in Italy. The dry, almond biscuit that originated in the hills of Tuscany, is a crunchy treat often dipped in coffee or tea. For Karen Riley and Craig Silbert, the folks over at Bucks County Biscotti, this oblong-shaped dessert is more than just a “biscuit.”

Biscotti stand history

Bucks County Biscotti Company is an artisan wholesale biscotti company co-founded

From Wacky Wafers and Astro Pops, to Nik L Nips and Whatchamacallits, stepping into Evolution Candy on East State Street is like taking a trip back in time. This little candy shop in the heart of downtown Doylestown has it all.


Whether you’re looking for a sweet birthday present or to surprise a loved one, ordering during the current climate has never been easier. All you have to do is call ahead

Covered bridges are some of Bucks County’s oldest and most treasured gems. More than 50 bridges once stood in its history, however only 12 remain. Spread throughout the County, these bridges are a must-see for tourists and locals alike. Those interested in participating in an easy adventure can put together a picnic, hop in the car and get ready to embark on a self-guided tour to see 12 beautiful

Fun for the whole family! Download and print-out our free crossword puzzle and word searches featuring Bucks County covered bridges, main streets, local breweries and more. Will you solve all five puzzles?

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History & Fun

Looking for a way to enjoy Bucks County from the comfort of your living room? How about a movie marathon? Over the years, Directors have turned to Bucks County as the perfect setting to bring their films to life. If dinner and a movie sounds like the perfect night in, here are some suggestions of notable movies filmed in Bucks County.

The Upside (PG-13)

Released in 2019, directed by Neil Burger