Bucks County
Author: Jennie Porter

Jennie Porter is a Stay at Home Mom, part-time blogger, and full time Reality TV enthusiast. After heading down south for college, she and her husband settled back in Yardley to raise their three children. She enjoys finding humor in the chaos, and believes the keys to surviving motherhood are dance parties and breakfast for dinner. She cannot wait to give you a peek into her adventures around Bucks County!

“Let’s go around the room and share a fun fact about ourselves”.

Ah, the dreaded ice breaker. I’ve learned to avoid the awkward scramble to come up with an answer by keeping a tried and true response locked and loaded: “Growing up, I went to a Revolutionary War summer camp.”

For three summers at the Old Barracks Museum in Trenton, NJ, my sister and I wore tri cornered hats, and marched in the

Yesterday I spent 3 hours sorting through mountains of my children’s toys. As I decided which to get rid of, to make room for the inevitable deluge of holiday gifts, one thought ran through my mind: “We have too much stuff!!”

If you are like me, and on a journey to declutter the Holidays, I’ve compiled a list of experiential gifts around Bucks County. Whether it’s taking a hot air balloon ride

Looking for a great way to support local businesses? Need an excuse to take advantage of all the fresh, seasonal produce Bucks County has to offer? Running out of ideas to entertain your children, before school starts up again? Have no fear! Here is a quick guide to 5 great farmers markets across Bucks County.

Yardley Farmers Market

Set back from Main Street, in Buttonwood Park, the Yardley market