Bucks County
Author: Olivia Millevoi

Olivia Millevoi is a high school student and writer from Newtown, PA. She has published a children's book entitled Do You Believe in Magic?, and hopes to write more in the future! Olivia enjoys running, hiking, and absolutely anything that has to do with the fine arts. Having lived in Bucks County her whole life, she loves any chance to share what it offers with others.

On September 14th in Yardley Borough, the local community celebrated the opening of not just a bookshop, but a center for ideas. In the words of proprietor Liz Young, Commonplace Reader prides itself on its collection of books for “thinking people,” books that cover subjects from intriguing mysteries to young adult fiction to scientific and historical explorations.

Commonplace Reader

When asked why she began

Craving something both classic and fresh, charming for both kids and adults? Would you or your family like to get involved in the fine arts? You needn’t look any further than Newtown and the performing arts company that has been delighting its audiences for over 30 years.

Excellent theater is hard to find, and the Newtown Arts Company produces just that. The company cultivates dazzling theater with