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Captured by Instagrammer@michellecoraceI was fortunate enough to be raised in beautiful Bucks County; New Hope to be exact. I have so many wonderful memories and special places that I still love to visit. My children were visiting over the Christmas holiday. We love to explore the beautiful back roads and I get to share my memories of growing up here. The day this photo was taken we decided to stop at the Thompson-Neely House &

Kris S.'s #BucksCountyMoment: Core Creek Park Sunset

Monday, February 1, 2016 1:36 PM

Captured by Instagrammer@kgsphotoMy wife and I are in Princeton and regularly find our way out to Bucks County to explore. On this day, we were headed out to Holland to see our friends' new house they just moved into. We left their place just in time to rush over to Core Creek State Park to see if I could grab a nice colorful winter sunset over the lake. Our timing was just right, and so was the location, the sunset was very

Captured by Instagrammer @pete673Growing up in Trenton, I have always been enamored with George Washington and the Battle of Trenton. Over the years, I would occasionally visit Washington Crossing Park and the annual crossing reenactment. I am now lucky enough to live less than a quarter mile from the very site where General Washington and his troops crossed the Delaware River and changed the direction of the Revolution. I now

Captured by Instagrammer @bucks_trailsThe picture was taken early on Christmas Eve morning along the Delaware Canal Towpath, just south of Point Pleasant. Unseasonably warm temps were a great excuse to get out and enjoy beautiful Bucks County trails!

~ Jonathan C.

Learn more about the Delaware Canal Towpath.

Captured by Instagrammer @kaitfish8There was a quiet calm in the air on the evening of August 25th in New Hope, PA. Eric, my boyfriend, and I decided to grab a cup of coffee from the town's local Starbucks and stroll around the quaint town. There is something magical about New Hope during twilight. The street lamps cast a slight glow onto the sidewalks and the song of the choir of crickets echo along the river. As we were walking