If you haven't heard about all of the rock groups hiding painted rocks for delighted neighbors to find this summer, you must be living under a rock! 

Elisa Baxt with painted rock

Painted rock with bee design

Local rock groups have sprung up across the nation and right here in Lower Bucks County. The purpose of hiding painted rocks is to surprise folks with a little piece of joy. Some are painted simply and others are quite elaborate. Painting rocks or walking around searching for them is also a terrific, inexpensive way to entertain your family. 

Child with minion and owl painted rocks

Child with blue painted rock

Child with purple painted rock in Bristol

I belong to the rock group, #BristolBoroRocks on Facebook, which is one of the larger rock groups in Bucks County. The rules are simple: go out and look for these painted gems, and if you find one, you can either leave it there, re-hide it, or keep it and replace it with one of your own!

Man with painted rock in Bristol

Painted rocks in Bristol Borough

There are currently more than 1,300 members in the Bristol Boro Rocks group with the majority of people hiding and seeking rocks around the monuments in the Wharf area and Lion’s Park. Members of the Facebook group share clues as to where rocks are hidden and photos of the rocks they've found. It’s very popular! If you take a stroll along the Wharf or go check out Bristol's new pier, you are bound to see dozens of families out rock hunting! 

Painted rock hidden in plant

Patriotic painted rocks

Yardley Rocks is a newer, smaller Facebook group hiding rocks anywhere from the Yardley-Makefield Library to downtown along Main Street

Painted rock in Washington Crossing Park

Patriotic painted rock in Washington Crossing Historic Park

There are also a few history buffs painting and hiding "History Rocks" all over Washington Crossing Historic Park! You are invited to join in on the fun. Happy Hunting!