Captured by Instagrammer @whatthedaybringsMy husband David and I can be found most weekends hiking the trails of Tyler State Park. It was a busy day, but we made sure to take the time to visit the park as we knew cold weather was imminent. We have a favorite loop that we like to do and decided to walk it in the opposite direction. It's amazing how unfamiliar and fresh the trail looked, a totally different perspective. It also happened to be a little later in the day than we would usually go and the sun was sitting at a spectacular angle, casting a golden light onto everything it touched. It was so inspiring that I snapped a few photos along the way on my phone. This particular photo was the last one I took of the day. The composition of the empty field with the stark trees in the background made for a mesmerizing moment as the sun was setting. That brief sojourn in nature was just what the doctor ordered - our lungs full of fresh air and nature providing a feast for our eyes and souls.

~ Danielle Z. 

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