Captured by Instagram user @doug_hoch"For the past 10 years or so I have ventured to the beautiful Neshaminy State Park to witness the annual Civil War Reenactment extravaganza. The picturesque Bucks County Park, situated right alongside the Delaware River, with its open fields and bountiful trees, makes for an ideal backdrop for the spectators of the event to attempt to travel back in time to witness one of the major turning points in our country's history. This day in particular was a perfect spring day, filled with sun, fresh air, and good old fashioned USA pride. Beside the reenactment itself, you can walk though both the Northern and Southern Army campsites and see how the troops of the day lived, cooked, and passed the time, as the reenactors stay in character all weekend long. Whether you are young or old, a history buff or not, there is something for everyone and anyone to enjoy! After all, there is a reason I keep coming back year after year."
~Doug H.

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