An engagement sitting is essentially a relaxed walk around a location of your choice. Along with getting some wonderful photos of you, we talk, get to know each other a bit, look around for great light and locations and you’ll get a feel for how everything will work on the wedding day. It’s a very laid-back and comfortable approach, all about showing off the happy, confident people you are together. 

And, Bucks County offers so many great locations!

Camera shy? Take this opportunity to get comfortable. Once you see the process in action you won’t be nearly as worried about “posing” for the camera. Not camera shy? Use the engagement sitting to express yourselves!

(Photo below taken at Schofield Ford Covered Bridge)Schofield Ford Bridge Engagement, Devon John PhotographyQ: When should we schedule our sitting?

When to schedule your sitting will vary depending on what you want to use your photos for. If you’re just trying to use the session to get comfortable in front of the camera, or as a scouting trip to figure out your favorite locations for the wedding, try to schedule it at least a month ahead. If you want a photo guestbook or wall art for the day of your wedding, schedule your session three to four months prior to the wedding.

(Photo below taken at New Hope & Ivyland Railroad)New Hope & Ivyland Railroad Engagement, Devon John PhotographyQ: How do we decide on a location?

It’s important to try to find a location that means something to both of you! Your favorite date-night bar, the beach where he proposed, the firehouse where he works, a favorite bench on the river, the sculpture garden around the corner, that beautiful tree-lined street you drive by every day or that shady spot at the park where you picnic and play with your dog. Anything goes, as long as it’s special to you! Also think about including your hobbies. Foodies? Plan to meet up at your favorite farmers market or even a romantic picnic in the park. Proud homeowners? A quick walk around your new home and neighborhood can make for some incredibly meaningful and unique images. 

(Photo below taken in Doylestown)Doylestown Engagement, Devon John PhotographyQ: What do people wear for these things?

Ahhh, everyone’s favorite question...Sadly, there is no magic bullet answer. The most important thing is to feel confident and comfortable. If that means wearing your favorite little black dress, jeans and flip-flops, or even going out to buy something special, go wherever your heart leads you. Also try to choose with your location and possible weather in mind. A mid-summer trip to the farmer’s market would call for a far different outfit than an hour exploring the Magic Garden in the dead of winter, but both could be equally cute. If you’re in doubt, bring a second option, a sweater, jacket, scarf or anything else that allows for a quick change.

The two of you definitely shouldn’t match, but should look like you belong together. Coordinating color palettes isn’t a bad idea, but stay away from bold patterns which can be distracting. Logos and text can also stand out far more in photos than you would ever expect, so unless you really want to highlight your favorite “I heart Bacon” shirt, you should probably choose something else. That being said, I always appreciate a witty shirt, so if that’s your thing, bring a few of them.

(Photo below taken at Washington Crossing Historic Park)Washington Crossing Historic Park Engagement, Devon John PhotographyQ: What about the weather?

Rather wait for a sunny day? Your wedding day cannot be rescheduled for weather, but your engagement sitting certainly can! If you’re up for snuggling under an umbrella with your partner in crime that could make for some incredible and unique photos, but if you had your heart set on a sunny day sitting, talk to your photographer about rescheduling options!

Tip: Having daydreams of puddle-jumping with your husband-to-be or a playful snowball fight, but don’t know how to schedule it? Let your photographer know! Most of us are suckers for a great idea!

(Photo below taken at Anchor Run Farm)Anchor Run Farm Engagement, Devon John PhotographyQ: What time of day is best?

It really depends on the time of year and setting you’ve chosen, but generally, the hour after sunrise (I know it’s early, but a nice foggy morning can’t be beat for ambiance and lack of gawkers) and the two hours before sunset are the most flattering and dynamic times for natural light.

Tip: Hiring a makeup artist for the wedding day? Consider having your makeup trial before the engagement sitting to make sure you like the way it photographs.

Another Tip: For an added layer of fun and unpredictability, consider bringing your favorite furry friend to your engagement sitting!