Captured by Instagram User: @hanmccauslandMy dad and I love to wander around Doylestown together and visit the Doylestown Library. [[endteaser]]On our way one afternoon, we came across this really cool sculpture made by Steve Tobin in the gardens of the Michener Art Museum. We were so intrigued by its structure and composition of letters as part of his syntax work collection and the Out of this World display at the Michener Museum. We thought it was a bush the first time we saw it! We had to look closer to see the complex craft within what seemed to be one cohesive being. The letters served like a bush's leaves do. Each distinct, complex, and each a craft in itself. I took this photo to capture the uniqueness of the sculpture. My dad and I both love it. Our walks around Doylestown always uncover some hidden, distinct aspect of the small town. Although we live in Doylestown and visit practically every day, there is always something new and interesting to see and this sculpture proves that. My dad and I explore Doylestown and take in every detail of the town as something new and exciting. This picture is one of the many treasures we have come across in town. Doylestown proves to be ever-changing, but always amazing due to its small, new details every single day.

~Hannah M.

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