Captured by Instagrammer@michellecoraceI was fortunate enough to be raised in beautiful Bucks County; New Hope to be exact. I have so many wonderful memories and special places that I still love to visit. My children were visiting over the Christmas holiday. We love to explore the beautiful back roads and I get to share my memories of growing up here. The day this photo was taken we decided to stop at the Thompson-Neely House & Farmstead on River Road. It was the perfect time of year to do this as the house, now a museum, served as a field hospital for Washington's troops during the winter that Washington crossed the Delaware; on Christmas night in 1776. I love Bucks County stone and I have an affinity for sheep. So when we were walking along side the barn and I saw this, I decided to snap a photo. To me it truly represents the simplistic natural beauty that is found in Bucks County.

~ Michelle C. 

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