Captured by Instagrammer @OliviabohrerThe dogs were begging for a walk on a humid September day, but I knew as soon as they'd start walking they would begin to pant and become overwhelmed from the humid air. I decided Nockamixon State Park would be the best location to take them, because they would be able to enjoy the lake. My dogs love to swim and play fetch. I walked them down to a sandy beach area where they could run and swim. There was an old man sitting by the water enjoying the view. I asked if he would mind if I let me dogs play in the water. He replied saying he had no issue with it at all and would very much enjoys watching dogs run and play. I played fetch with my dogs for about an hour. Afterwards, my dogs sat in the grass as I watched a sail boat go by and enjoyed some small talk with the old man. He talked about his past photography career. He mentioned he loves dogs but was never able to have his own, because his late-wife was afraid of them. I felt good knowing my dogs' joy had brightened his day.

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