Bucks County Joyrides  Bucks County Joyrides

Bucks County Joyrides offers one-of-a-kind private Jeep tours through upper Bucks County! On these premier tours, passengers are taken on an exciting and unique ride through covered bridges, historical sites, and quaint river towns. If you love wind blowing through your hair, have a sense of adventure, or are interested in Bucks County history… be sure to add a Bucks County Joyride to your adventure bucket list!

Route & Jeep Options

Bucks County Joyrides  Bucks County Joyrides

Choose between four different tour routes depending on your interests and sense of adventure! Each route passes through covered bridges and incorporates historical sites, but there’s also the option to add on exciting dirt roads and creek crossings. Most tours also make a short stop at the historical Van Sant Airport. 

Bucks County Joyrides currently has two Jeeps in their fleet, including “The General” a 2005 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 2-Door and “The Doan Gang” a 2014 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 4-Door. For Jeep and off-road vehicle owners, Bucks County Joyrides also offers a “Drive Your Own Vehicle” option. 

The Experience

Bucks County Joyrides  Bucks County Joyrides

We met Chris, the owner of Bucks County Joyrides, outside of Mama Hawk’s Kitchen and Coffee on a beautiful fall morning. After grabbing a latte to-go, Chris introduced us to his white Jeep, The Doan Gang! With the Jeep top down and the sun shining, we were ready for a morning filled with adventure.

Departing from Peddler’s Village, Chris started our ride down the backroads of Bucks County while sharing history of the area along the way. Chris pointed out prominent buildings and schooled us on the remarkable history of Bucks County. Although a longtime resident of Bucks County myself, I learned so much from Chris on our ride. 

As we made our way further to the hidden corners of the county, we passed through two covered bridges and by the Stover-Myers Mill landmark. Deeper in the woods, our exciting jeep adventure continued down dirt roads and through two creeks. Riding through the water and over the bumpy creek beds fed the adrenaline junkie in me! Plus, the colorful fall foliage made the scenic ride even more spectacular. 

Emerging from the woods, we drove through two more covered bridges and made a short stop at Van Sant Airport. At this historic airfield, we were able to stretch our legs and catch a glimpse at the vintage planes in the hangar, which was a unique experience. Chris finished up our ride passing through quaint rivertowns along River Road and scenic Cuttalossa Valley before returning to Peddler’s Village.

What truly makes a ride with Bucks County Joyrides so exceptional is Chris and his passion for sharing the joy of Jeep rides with others. Grab your friends or family and book ride! 

The Nitty Gritty 

Bucks County Joyrides  Bucks County Joyrides

Location: All rides begin and end at Peddler's Village, unless otherwise noted.

Reservations: Tours range in price from $130-165 total per tour (not per person). Each jeep can accommodate 3-4 passengers.  Book online at https://www.buckscountyjoyrides.com/ 

Weather: Weather permitting, all tours will ride with the top down. Bring a jacket and hair tie! 

Kids: Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. If a child needs a car-seat, please bring your own.