October leading into November is the best time of the year to view fall foliage in Bucks County. And what better way to view the lush red, orange and gold leaves than a scenic drive through Upper Bucks and down the Delaware River on the Bucks County Covered Bridge Tour?

My husband and I set out on our journey early on a Sunday morning. It was cloudy and rain was in the forecast, but we made the best of the situation.

Before our first bridge of the day, we stopped at Wawa in Perkasie, where we purchased snacks for the road and noshed on warm, toasted bagels for breakfast. I ordered a vanilla chai tea latte to sip while gazing out the passenger’s side window. My chai tea latte perfectly set the mood for a cozy drive to Mood’s Covered Bridge. However, just as we parked at the neighboring soccer field, the rain started to come down!

Covered Bridge

After a quick photo, we hopped back into the car to search for Sheard’s Covered Bridge. Unfortunately, our GPS took us deep into the throes of residential Lake Nockamixon roads instead. But, nonetheless, we got to view even more vibrant fall foliage!

fall foliage

Knecht’s Covered Bridge in Riegelsville was an easier find for us. The scene was so picturesque that it looked a postcard.

Covered Bridges

Uhlerstown, Erwinna, Frankenfield, and Cabin Run Covered Bridges were next on our list, respectively. My husband and I enjoyed each other’s company as we continued to snake our way along the hilly and curvy roads. 

Loux and Van Sandt Covered Bridges were next. Of all the bridges we saw that morning, Van Sandt was my favorite because we had a long, clear view of the foliage and the bridge and road ahead -- no sharp turns here! Take a look at the video below to get a sense of its beauty.

At this point, we were close to Washington Crossing Historic Park, which was our last stop on our tour for the day. The rain continued to come down, but we needed to stretch our legs before getting back in the car for the drive home. The sight of the rapidly moving Delaware was calming.

Covered Bridges

At the end of the day, I was a bit saddened that I didn’t see all the covered bridges. But I’m looking forward to doing the tour again when all 12 are refurbished!

If you’re interested in the Bucks County Covered Bridge tour, I have the following recommendations:

  1. Pick a day with clear weather. Some of the roads have twists and turns. Rain doesn’t help when trying to navigate!
  2. Pack snacks or plan a meal break. My husband and I were so glad to have food on hand. The hot drink on a rainy day was a delightful addition as well! But do go light on the liquids so you can enjoy your time on the road instead of looking for a bathroom.
  3. Plan to go with someone special. Don’t forget to “date” your spouse. For four solid hours it was just us, the road, the foliage, and the covered bridges -- no technology other than a GPS. Worth it!