Bucks County


Christa's #BucksCountyMoment : The Mercer Museum

January 18, 2015

We moved to Bucks County when I was 9. I grew up in Andalusia, moved to the city as a young adult and moved back to Bristol Borough as a newlywed. So I've spent a lot of time here. And what I love the most is that there is always something to do, see, experience. Even if you've done it, seen it, experienced it 100 times before. I've been to Doylestown many times, and for me there are so many…

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Fenton F.'s #BucksCountyMoment: Exploring Doylestown and New Hope

November 3, 2014

Me and my girlfriend Alexis decided to take an afternoon one Sunday for a drive around Bucks County. We stopped in New Hope first. We go on daytrips often so wanted to walk around Doylestown since it was a beautiful day. We stopped at Ninas Waffles and Ice Cream and had an amazing snack. We walked over to Fonthill and we just missed the last tour, so we walked around the grounds and took some…

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