Bucks County


Capturing Aerial Images of Bucks County

by Paul Loftland on December 13, 2016

I needed to get a bird’s eye view of landmarks and points of interest in Bucks County. This is possible with technology using unmanned aerial vehicles, a.k.a., drones, but I wanted to show a different view of Bucks County by getting high in the sky while taking video, 360 Virtual Reality panoramas and photos of locations in Bucks County. Since some areas are no-fly zones for drones, the only solution to capture these images was to take them from a helicopter…

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Bucks County From the Air

by Bob Krist and Ryan Mancuso on December 4, 2016

In the second installment of Visit Bucks County's video series with veteran National Geographic photographer, Bob Krist, we take you on a visually stunning view of Bucks County from a bi-plane. The project, "Bucks County: See Why the Locals Love It," features three, short, three-minute cinematic films to promote the county as a great tourist destination by using local characters in their element…

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Olivia B's #BucksCountyMoment: Playing at Lake Nockamixon

November 15, 2015

The dogs were begging for a walk on a humid September day, but I knew as soon as they'd start walking they would begin to pant and become overwhelmed from the humid air. I decided Nockamixon State Park would be the best location to take them, because they would be able to enjoy the lake. My dogs love to swim and play fetch. I walked them down to a sandy beach area where they could run and swim…

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