Bucks County


Capturing Aerial Images of Bucks County

by Paul Loftland on December 13, 2016

I needed to get a bird’s eye view of landmarks and points of interest in Bucks County. This is possible with technology using unmanned aerial vehicles, a.k.a., drones, but I wanted to show a different view of Bucks County by getting high in the sky while taking video, 360 Virtual Reality panoramas and photos of locations in Bucks County. Since some areas are no-fly zones for drones, the only solution to capture these images was to take them from a helicopter…

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Ross's #BucksCountyMoment : Ringing Rocks Park

December 28, 2014

"My family and I decided one bitter cold day to drive up to ringing rocks and explore. We hung out at the boulders for a while and took some pictures. We then hiked down to the water fall and stream to find almost everything frozen. The bright blue skies and ice formations made for a great photo" ~Ross Learn more about Ringing Rocks Park…

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Kristopher's #BucksCountyMoment: Ringing Rocks Park

May 29, 2014

"We live in the Princeton area of NJ, close to Bucks County. We love heading to Bucks County for the day because it's like entering a whole different world but still close to home. This trip into Bucks County we stopped at a few of our favorite wineries. We started at Crossings Vineyards and made our way north of the Delaware River, passing through New Hope and going out to Chaddsford Winery in…

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