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A Taste of Italy - Cena con Cescon

"A Taste of Italy" is a series of monthly event with the focus of bringing the classical Italian food and wine specialties to life!
Every month "A Taste of Italy" will bring in the glass and on the table a different wine and a different traditional dish both paired and explained to perfection from our Enologist - Wine Expert Aldo Bove, which joined us directly from Pompei, ITALY!

Some of the foods will be prepared right in front of you so you can became an Italian food Ambassador too!
This 3rd Event of "A taste of Italy" features different wines from CESCON Winery and 4 different dishes perfectly paired with the wines.
We know that wine is the most romantic of the drinks so we are closing this special "Dining Experience" to just 10 people a day, almost like a private pairing.

You can choose between three different dates with different times, to make it more comfortable for everyone.

For more informations don't hesitate to contact Aldo on his Instagram or Facebook at aldobovewinemaker.


A Taste of Italy - Cena con Cescon