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Behold! The Ed Bennett Exhibition

As an avid collector (matchbox cars, antique auto parts, pedal cars, rusted objects), the heavy box of blades was the impetus to venture outside the realm of idyllic landscapes and into the bold world of industrial art. Utilizing these “found objects,” I set about to transform a simple razor blade into something more. One day, as I was moving some blades around my drafting table, I noticed they created overlapping patterns and textures that, when viewed as a whole, were not recognizable as individual blades, but an abstract image. A unique form of art had emerged right before my eyes.

My earliest works were rudimentary studies on stretched canvas featuring patterns created by the positioning of the raw blades in relation to one another. Over the years, the use of chemical oxidation to color the blades, and a technique to hand cut individual blades (a risky proposition), helped me develop a more complex and diverse style. My most recent works are now permanently sealed to heavy-duty Masonite panels for added durability. While switching from canvas to Masonite, I was surprised to find it extremely flexible. The discovery unlocked a hidden, 3-dimensional side of my work and lead to another passion: crafting handmade furniture.

The use of reclaimed materials and objects, married with my signature razor blade art, results in striking, fully functional furniture that is a study in contrasts. The warmth of copper combined with cold steel blades. Rough-hewn cedar paired with milky-smooth aspen. Clean, polished glass surrounded by distressed, aged barnwood. Old world meets new in a one-of-a-kind visual symphony meticulously orchestrated to play well in almost any decor.

My work was first nestled in a converted barn in the center of Bedminster: “Galvanized America Art Gallery.” The small gallery was halted in the Spring of 2017 in order to pursue a joint passion with my wife — a Bed and Breakfast. The opening of “Galvanized America Inn & Art Gallery” in a renovated 1754 farmhouse signaled the start of a new chapter in my life. A large, multi-artist gallery is planned for the bank barn on Durham Road in the coming year. In the meantime, the Inn is decorated with my eclectic mix of art and furniture and can be seen by appointment.

Behold! The Ed Bennett Exhibition
  • November 10, 2019 - January 4, 2020
  • Bucks County Visitor Center