Bucks County
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Brilliantly Resilient LIVE!

  • Location: The Cornerstone Club
  • Dates: March 7, 2020
  • Address: 847 Easton Road, Warrington, PA 18974
  • Phone: (267) 566-9068
  • Time: 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM
  • Price: Individual: $20.00 Bring-a-Friend (2 tickets): $35.00
  • Reservations Required: Yes

Has life hit you with a sucker punch or two? Kristin Smedley and Mary Fran Bontempo know their brilliance. But they didn’t always. In fact, both Kristin and Mary Fran know what it feels like to be lost, afraid, unproductive, unsuccessful and unhappy. That’s a lot of yuck, but without it, there would have been no need for resilience, the key to uncovering your brilliance.

As a young mother, Kristin found herself raising two blind sons, with no idea of how to help them to live vital, successful lives. Mary Fran thought she had cleared most of the hurdles of child-rearing, only to learn on Mother’s Day of 2010 that her son was a heroin addict. Utterly unprepared to manage either crisis, Kristin and Mary Fran knew only that they would not allow themselves or their children to be defined by the challenges, and they were determined to not only survive, but thrive.

In their Brilliance and Resilience Tour, Kristin and Mary Fran share stories, strategies and successes in surmounting challenges, giving audiences the tools to (rise with resilience and reveal their brilliance to) live empowered lives, both professionally and personally, thriving in the face of adversity and beyond. Packed with strategies for personal and professional success, heart, humor and wisdom, you’ll leave inspired, moved and motivated, with tools for finding your resilience and uncovering your brilliance. PLEASE JOIN US!

Brilliantly Resilient LIVE!