Bucks County
Washington Crossing Historic Park

7 Walking Tours for Groups

With the vast different landscapes of Bucks County and history that is still very much alive, it is the perfect area to take a walking tour with your group! From haunted walking tours to cultural walks, bring your group to learn and see different things about Bucks County.

1. Ghost Tours of New Hope

Take this lantern-led walk through the small, old-style town of New Hope for some history as well as some fright! This 1-hour walking tour takes you along Main Street and is the perfect place to bring thrill-seeking groups on a weekend night. These tours meet twice a week in October and once a week starting in June. Contact the coordinator, Adele, to schedule a private one. These tours meet at Main and Ferry Streets in the heart of New Hope.

2. Historic Doylestown Cemetery Walk

Doylestown has plenty of impactful residents that lived throughout different points in history. This VIP walk-through of the Doylestown Cemetery gives you a chilling chance to learn about these residents and the history of the cemetery itself. These graves include those of the Civil War era and plenty of other historic time periods. These tours also offer tombstone interpretation to see how the dead were remembered on their graves throughout history. The tours meet at the office on the corner of E. Court and Spruce Street. Group tours can be arranged for any day of the week costing $7-10 dollars per person for up to 300 people. If requested picnic tables can be set up for your group to eat at as well!

3. Historic Fallsington

This continental village still has the feel that it would have when it was initially founded by the Quakers in the 1600’s. These tours cover meetinghouse square and the interiors of three of the village’s well-preserved buildings. This is a great place to get a feel for the culture and livelihood of an old-style village in Pennsylvania and the United States. This historic architecture is a site to behold and a great place to bring your group. This historic park offers large group discounts as well as a student discount for field trips or other student group gatherings.

  • Historic King George II Inn in Bristol
  • Crafts at Historic Fallsington Day

4. Walking Tours of Bristol

There are multiple different tours that are offered to learn about the culture, history and location of Bristol in southern Pennsylvania. Bristol Borough is one of Bucks County’s oldest towns and this, along with its location, gives it a rich history. The many African American monuments and Hispanic monuments exemplify its diversity. The tour also makes stops at locations such as the Historic King George II Inn and the Temperance Water Fountain. This beautiful riverside town offers great views and a lot of history for you and your group to take in on a walking tour.

5. Walking Tours of Newtown

This historic town is filled with relics and buildings of significance throughout different time periods. Head to General George Washington’s Headquarters to see the place where much of the War for Independence was planned and plenty of other buildings that were significant during this time. You can also check out the township house that still holds much of its old timely feel to go along with the historic carriage factory located in the heart of Newtown. Head to the Newtown Historic Association Headquarters to grab a brochure and start your tour!

  • Quakertown’s old Main Street Theatre, today’s Proper Brewing Co.

6. Walking Tour of Quakertown

Take a self-guided walk back in time and discover historic Quakertown. The Quakertown area was originally known as the Great Swamp. It was a Native American occupied wilderness settled by Dutsch, Swedish and German settlers in the 1600s. William Penn established the 16,000 acre Manor of Richland in 1703 and in 1803 the community centered on Main Street was called “The Quaker’s Town” by Postmaster William Green. Walk past the old Globe Hotel, Trolley Barn and First Reformed Church, just some of many interesting stops. Download the self-guided tour’s brochure here.

7. Walking Food Tours of New Hope

Sign up for a tour with Sister Cities Food & Shop Tour! The company typically runs a 3rd Saturday tours on both sides of the Delaware River, however, they also offer tours exclusively on the New Hope side. Included on this guided, walking, food tour is your ticket to participate in tastings at FIVE of the best restaurants in town, as well as hidden gems in New Hope and/or Lambertville! The sisters will guide guests through these two towns while providing them with some fun historical facts along the way. This food tour is a great way to get to know more about the area and maybe even discover your new favorite place to grab a bite to eat!