Bucks County
Bucks County Children's Museum: Where Fun and Learning Meet

Bucks County Children's Museum

At the Bucks County Children's Museum in New Hope, kids have a place to learn and explore that is all their own. 

The museum's 10,000-square-feet of fun is also a place where play and education meet, according to Kelly Krumenacker, founder and executive director. 

  • Bucks County Children's Museum

The facility offers hands-on, interactive and educationally based exhibits for children and families to engage in lifelong learning experiences while enjoying each other. 

A former educator, Kelly wanted to bring something to Bucks County to represent its history and culture and beautiful landscape while enhancing learning.

While exploring at the museum, children can dig for buried treasure, ride in a hot air balloon, design and build their own race car, work in a factory, buy items at the market, climb a mountain and much more, all at their own pace! 

  • Bucks County Children's Museum
  • Bucks County Children's Museum

At the Airways to Waterways exhibit, kids can experiment with air pressure, learn about force and light and the history and operation of the Delaware Canal system. Children can also put on a lab coat, drive the ambulance and join the medical team as a junior doctor in Doylestown Health exhibit! 

  • Bucks County Children's Museum

The children's museum also offers parties, group tours and field trips. And, there's plenty more to do, like shop and eat, in town and throughout Bucks County! The New Hope Ivyland Railroad is right across the street from the children's museum. 

Families can then explore the outdoors at Ringing Rocks Park, check out other museums or enjoy the fun at Sesame Place.

Ultimately, Kelly hopes the Bucks County Children's Museum is encouraging kids to continue to want to learn and that they become stewards of the museum.