Bucks County

Meet the Brewer

The Bucks County Ale Trail is made up of tons of innovative and creative brewers.  Here we spotlight some of the people behind the scenes at your favorite breweries.  Click the links below to learn more about how these brewers got their start and more about the Bucks County breweries…

  • Cortney Costa

Cortney Costa:

Moss Mill Brewing Co.

“Seeing others enjoy what we take our time to make every day here really brings it full circle.” 

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  • Hannah Gohde

Hannah Gohde:

Naked Brewing Co.

"I have an extreme amount of passion for this industry, and it’s genuine. Much of that passion comes from me having my hand in the product.”

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  • Joseph Winiarski, Red Lion Brewery

Joseph Winiarski:

Red Lion Brewing Co.

"I played in a band and at the house we practiced at one guy was a brewer and always had something fermenting in the basement. It sparked my interest. ”

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  • Kurt & Jim Ludgwig

Kurt & Jim Ludwig:

Mad Princes Brewing Company

"My brother (and fellow brewer), Jim, bought me a homebrewing kit for Christmas 2007. We had zero experience brewing at that point."

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  • Maryana Ferguson

Maryana Ferguson:

Great Barn Brewery

“The wonder I feel when barley seeds go into the ground, grow, get harvested, malted, mashed, fermented and then enjoyed in liquid form can only be compared with the joy of giving birth to my children.”

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  • Second Sin Brewing Co

Jake Howell:

Second Sin Brewing

"Once I started to get deeper into craft beer, my desire to brew and make my own versions of the different styles took over, and here we are today."

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  • Ryan Seiz

Ryan Seiz:

Warwick Farm Brewing

"Prior to brewing, I played professional baseball with the Los Angeles Angels. After I was done, I knew I wanted to open and start a brewery."

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