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  • Ryan Seiz

How did you get your start in brewing?

Prior to brewing, I played professional baseball with the Los Angeles Angels. After I was done, I knew I wanted to open and start a brewery. I worked for 2-3 years at Keystone home-brew where I learned how to formulate recipes and the brewing process. Then in late 2019, opened Warwick Farm Brewing in Jamison.

What is the first beer you ever brewed?

I brewed a blackberry wheat beer that came out enjoyable!

What do you enjoy most about brewing? 

My favorite part of brewing is when someone enjoys a beer style that they have never tried before. The other thing I enjoy most is experimenting with different hop combo’s in our Hazy IPA’s.

  • Warwick Farm Brewing
  • Warwick Farm Brewing

How is your beer connected to the local area? 

We plan on growing our own hops and utilizing them in our product. Recently, we released a beer that used local hops from Chalfont and we were delighted with how it turned out! We plan on starting a sour program in the future with yeast/bacteria that we have cultivated from our own property.

Do you have a favorite Warwick Farm Brewing Co. brew? 

We have a passion for creating tasty and smooth Hazy IPA’s. Citra Sensation is my favorite beer that we produce of that style. 

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  • Ryan Seiz, Warwick Farm Brewing

What would you recommend tourists do while they're in Bucks County? 

Obviously taking a brewery hop! We have many breweries along the Bucks County Ale Trail that make great beer!

What do you hope to see the brewery doing in the future? 

I hope to see our brewery grow and continue to produce high quality beer. Our tasting room will be finished in Spring 2021 and we believe it will bring our community a unique beer experience!

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