Bucks County
Bucks County Visitor Center


Our organization has been promoting Bucks County for more than 50 years!

Beginning in  February 1960, the Bucks County Historical Commission began serving as the information center for historic sites and events.

As a poet, playwright and lifelong resident of Bucks County, Founder Ann Hawkes Hutton championed the cause.  The original members of the Commission included Ann Hawkes Hutton, Sara Maynard Clark, Colonel John Richardson, James E. Wood and Major Charles Biddle.

The group took on the challenging project of collecting photos and maps to compile and distribute tour pamphlets promoting hotels, restaurants and historic places in Bucks County.

By March 1962, the members referred to themselves as the Bucks County Historic Tourist Commission and eventually the Bucks County Conference and Visitors Bureau and Visit Bucks County years later.

  • 'Life As It Is' art exhibit
  • Dorothy Parker Exhibit

With the help and passion of devoted Bucks County resident Michael T. Etzrodt, the Bucks County Visitor Center opened its doors in October 2002. A board member for more than 20 years with 10 terms as president, Etzrodt served as the planner, building and driving force behind the building.

Today, the Visitor Center serves as the gateway for all visitors and a great source of information for residents. The 20,000-square-foot Center welcomes those in search of the best of Bucks County history, attractions, dining, lodging and shopping.

The theater features a new local artist’s exhibit every six weeks and the main gallery houses a permanent display called “Creative Bucks County.” The gift shop offers a collection of Bucks County products including postcards, clothing, books, mugs and collector’s items.

Today, Visit Bucks County continues as the official promotion agency for Bucks County, working to market the areas lodging, attractions, shopping and dining destinations to visitors.