Bucks County

Bucks County's Best Ice Cream

What better way to beat the heat than with a scoop of some delicious Bucks County ice cream? Homemade, scooped or swirled, get out and have a taste of what makes this area and the summer weather so great!

  • You can’t miss Gibby’s Ice Cream Store thanks to its bright red roof! Located in Levittown, the shop has an old time feel and its noteworthy ice cream, timeless taste. Although Gibby’s is known for soft serve, customers also rave about the variety of hard ice cream flavors, milkshakes and float options. The store is open seven days a week to help you sooth any craving!  
  • Housed in an old refurbished school, Sundae School is an ice cream lover’s dream. The atmosphere is unique and the menu is unmatched! With 58 flavors to choose from, there is something everyone can enjoy. Of course, they offer sundaes and the Hershey’s ice cream flavors are perfect for those looking for a creamy and rich summer treat. Sundae School also offers milkshakes and cakes that are made to order for any special occasion.
  • Uncle Dave’s is the ultimate stop for homemade ice cream! Located at Shady Brook Farm, they focus on using the highest quality ingredients to ensure its delectable taste. The flavors are rotated seasonally so no two visits are the same. If there’s a flavor you can’t live without, stop by the market and bring it home for the family to share.
  • A list of Bucks County’s best ice cream locations wouldn’t be complete without oWowCow Creamery. Made with locally grown and sourced ingredients, their ice cream is out of this world! Try Indonesian Vanilla for a deep caramel taste or Honey Lavender made with ingredients from Bucks County’s very own Peace Valley Lavender Farm. The atmosphere and the ice cream will have you coming back for more in no time!
  • The Goodnoe Farm Dairy Bar is no stranger to Bucks County, and neither is its delicious ice cream. The family farm has been passed down through four generations. More than 50 years later, it has still maintained the same great taste! Their menu includes a variety of flavors that are all made at their nearby farm. While their flavors are impressive, their choice of sundaes and Goodnoe specialties will blow you away!
  • Tanner Bros Dairy Farm has been in the dairy business for more than 100 years! Ask local families and they'll tell you Tanners is the place to go for homemade ice cream, fresh made milk and more.