Bucks County
New Hope Celebrates Pride & Diversity in Bucks County

LGBTQ+ in Bucks County

The eclectic community of New Hope is the gay-friendly centerpiece of Bucks County’s breathtaking countryside. This artsy village buzzes with creative energy, independent spirit and a sophisticated casual vibe. 

With its history deeply rooted in the LGBTQ+ community, New Hope became a popular hangout for performers, musicians and actors when "discovered" in the 1940's. This vibrant town is now a melting pot of diverse artists, quirky shops, a robust theater scene and a celebrated destination for LGBTQ+ travelers.  

Art galleries, antique shops, vintage clothing stores and deliciously exciting restaurants and bars complete with live entertainment attract visitors and locals alike to its lively street scene and cultural events all year long. Book your overnight stay at The Raven Resort & Restaurant, famous for their summer pool parties, grab a cocktail at John & Peter's Place, and stroll down the Delaware Canal on a nice day. 

Each May, crowds gather for a weeklong celebration during New Hope Pride Week & Parade presented by New Hope Celebrates, featuring live musical performances, dance parties, picnics, art exhibits, a grand parade down historic Main Street and so much more! Save the date for this year's Pride celebration: May 18, 2019!

The celebration in May begins with a traditional Rainbow Flagdrop, a huge mile-long flag on loan from sister-city Key West, and colorful fireworks set over the nearby Delaware River. The annual New Hope Celebrates parade is the largest and longest of its type in the county and most certainly the most diverse and colorful – participated in by a wide range of local organizations, straight and gay, as well as local dignitaries, police and firefighters. 

New for 2019 is the inaugural Doylestown Pride Festival! Hosted by Discover Doylestown, the fest will take place June 20-23 at the County Theater. This is event is supported by several local organizations. Stay tuned in the coming weeks leading up to learn more about the event and how to get involved!