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Bucks County Tourism Grant Committee Application Form

Visit Bucks County, in partnership with the County of Bucks, facilitates the Bucks County Tourism Grant Program. Funded through a percentage of the County’s tax on lodging, the program aims to increase visitation from outside Bucks County resulting in economic impact and supporting jobs.

Awards are established on the basis of merit as determined by a six-member Bucks County Tourism Grant Committee.

Committee Responsibilities and Terms:

  • Committee is required to meet annually, with additional meetings held as needed, to assess all grant applications and distribute awards in accordance with all program guidance set forth in the Grant Program Rules and Regulations.
  • Terms are three years. Members may serve a total of two, consecutive, three-year terms. 
  • Committee members must live, work or do business within Bucks County. Members working or doing business outside of Bucks County must not hold a professional position that could be viewed in conflict with the program’s mission of attracting travel to Bucks County.
  • Nonprofit and for-profit representatives must hold a role that impacts the tourism and hospitality industry or that has a connection to the historical, cultural and arts assets within Bucks County. Positions will be mutually selected by the Board of Commissioners Chair and VBC Board Chair.

Please select the position for which you are applying:

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Briefly describe your affiliation to the tourism and hospitality industry. 

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Briefly describe your qualifications and areas of expertise to serve as a Bucks County Grant Committee member.

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Do you have any previous experience with grant programs? If so, please name and describe your involvement.

Question 4

Briefly describe why you wish to serve on the Bucks County Grant Committee.

Question 5

List any previous leadership positions.

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Questions? Contact Kelley Keeling, Visitor Experience and Partner Outreach Manager, at KelleyK@visitbuckscounty.com

or 215-639-0300.