Bucks County
Barn Tour



The central and upper regions of Bucks County boast a variety of historic barns that pepper rolling hills and beautiful back roads. The Heritage Conservancy Barn Voyage! Self-guided Driving Tour takes you past more than 15 barns throughout Central and Upper Bucks County. Pack up the car and take a leisurely cruise through the scenic county to discover the unique treasures nestled in the rustic countryside.

Note: Please be aware that most of the barns included on this tour are private residences; we encourage you to admire the beautiful structures from afar.

Upper Bucks Barn Tour

Moyer Road Barn
See a Pennsylvania German Sweitzer barn and many other architectural gems! The Upper Bucks self-guided driving tour is the perfect leisurely cruise to discover Bucks County's unique history and beautiful treasures.

Central Bucks Barn Tour

Thompson-Neely Barn
Take a cruise on picturesque back roads through central Bucks County to see more than 15 historic barns. The Central Bucks self-guided driving tour will help you find rustic masterpieces nestled in the rustic countryside.