When I first moved to the quaint borough of Yardley in Bucks County, I wondered if everybody was super athletic based on how many cars, Jeeps and trucks drove through town with bicycles on the back or kayaks strapped to the roof! I had not yet learned what easy access residents of Yardley and its neighboring towns had to the 60-mile long towpath that runs along the Delaware Canal that is just PERFECT for exercising.

Yardley Canal Towpath Elisa Baxt

There is quite a bit of history as you explore the towpath. I read about how it was used in the 1830's until about 1930 by teams of mules to "tow" barges along the canal from Yardley all the way up to Erwinna in Upper Bucks County. Sometimes, the mule team drivers would jump into the canal along the way to cool off! Today, this path is a serene and very beautiful place to take a bike ride or to grab the family for a more leisurely stroll.

Yardley Canal Towpath family bike ride Elisa Baxt

On a recent Sunday, we grabbed our helmets and our mountain bikes and picked up the canal right off of Yardley's (aptly named) Canal Street. We rode five miles north toward Washington Crossing, passing stunning scenery and other cyclists and we even saw a Blue Heron along the way.

Yardley Canal Towpath blue heron Elisa Baxt

One of the best things about the tow path is that it's available and absolutely gorgeous in every season. Spring, Summer, Winter or Fall, you'll see families, recreational and serious athletes out enjoying walking, riding and even cross-country skiing the Yardley canal path! 

Yardley Canal Towpath fall Elisa Baxt

Yardley Canal Towpath winter Elisa Baxt

While I am lucky enough to live so close to the canal path, it is also a destination for those who do not live in Bucks County. Whether you want to take a three mile nature walk or ride your bike 20 or 30 miles, it is easily accessible from many stops along the way. Check out the Friends of The Delaware Canal's map that illustrates the 58.89-mile-long towpath trail.